US Digital Products Sellers - This Applies To You Too!

Are YOU Breaking EU VAT Laws?
Continued Non-Compliance Is A REAL
Threat To Your Business, Your Profits...
And Even Your Freedom!

If you sell (or plan to sell) digital products or services online, then read on... this is probably the most important page you'll read this year

  • No more worrying about how to comply with "impossible" regulations

  • Sell digital products safely anywhere in the world without compromising standards and without penalising affiliates

Dear Friend,

I'm guessing you already know this...

Selling your own digital products online is one of the best ways to earn a consistent income online, and build a real business.

Of course, you have to put the work in to start with. Anyone who tells you it's is push button easy is just a downright liar.

Getting your product ready, getting your sales page up, arranging hosting, choosing the right payment processor, getting product delivery sorted, stopping the black hatters getting hold of your product.... the list goes on.

But boy is it worth it!

Being your own boss, working the hours YOU choose, answering to no-one but yourself, andtrue financial freedom.

And probably best of all, real freedom to live life on your own terms.

So when a bunch of nameless bureaucrats come along and try to rain on your parade, threatening to take that all away from you and risking everything you've worked for, you need to think of solutions - and fast.

Only a fool takes chances with his business. And there is one power that you REALLY don’t want to mess with.... 


So, what's this all about?

Over the last few months there’s been a lot of noise about the new EU VAT laws, with online marketers like you and me scrambling to find out what it means, panicking that there is no way they can comply - even deciding that the only option is to shut up shop.

Normally this sort of hype is nothing more than a bunch of scare stories started by forum trolls who just love feeding people’s paranoia. Normally, I just ignore it.

But not this time.

If you sell digital goods online, this is a REAL threat, and ignoring it could get you into a whole heap of trouble.

Enough to put you out of business. 

A bit of background...

VAT (Value Added Tax) is a sales tax charged on most goods and services by governments in European countries. Up until 31st December 2014, all EU businesses supplying the goods and services had to administer and collect this tax and send it to the tax authorities in their own country.

Businesses based outside the EU could happily ignore VAT (strictly speaking they should have charged VAT since 2003, but apart from the big players like Amazon and Apple, this was never enforced so could be ignored by most of us).

But all that changed on 1st January 2015

Now, EVERY digital sale made in ANY EU country has to include VAT – and the rate charged (in case you didn’t you know, every EU country sets its own rate!) is now based on where the customer is, not where the supplier is like before.

Think about that for a second...

If you sell as much as one 99c ebook to anyone anywhere in the EU, you have to

  •  Register for VAT in that country
  • Charge VAT at the appropriate rate
  • Collect and keep evidence of the customer’s location (2 pieces of ‘non-contradictory’ evidence, held for 10 years ... on EU based servers!)
  • Send in a VAT return to that country’s tax authority every quarter from then on
  • Pay the VAT you collected to the taxman

Make another sale in a different EU country, you have to go through this all again for that country’s taxman.

"But I'm not in the EU... it doesn't affect me!"


Sadly, this is NOT true. It doesn’t matter if you operate from within the EU or from outside it (for example, in the USA) – EVERY sale made in the EU is now covered by the 2015 EU VAT legislation.

And if you think you can just ignore it anyway, beware.

The tax authorities have been behind the curve on digital marketing for years, and this change is the first step to getting their share of the spoils.

They have already made clear that

  • Enforcement WILL be a priority
  • They will be using all sorts of tracking to find, identify and track down digital sellers - and legislation is now being strengthened to make this even easier
  • It is widely believed that the EU are planning to order the credit card companies to block payments to US businesses who are not collecting VAT correctly
  • A lot of resources are already being ploughed into their international trade relationships to enlist the help of foreign governments (including in the US) in identifying and prosecuting any perceived tax evaders

You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours....

So hoping for the best is an option – but only if you don't mind running into BIG trouble ahead. 

So, what can we do?

We have a few options...

Option 1. Register & comply

Compliance is an option, but for most digital businesses, it is simply not practical.

As a digital seller, you will need to:

  •  Identify the location of every customer
  • Get two pieces of evidence to prove they live where they say they live
  • Store this evidence (on EU servers) for 10 years
  • Calculate and charge the correct VAT rates (28 countries in the EU, 75 different rates of VAT)
  • Submit a quarterly VAT return and pay up any VAT you collected

Talk about a bureaucratic nightmare!

Is it any wonder lots of digital vendors are thinking of just closing the doors?  

Option 2. Do nothing & hope you don't get caught

Burying your head in the sand and doing nothing is not a sensible solution.

Sure, it is possible that you'll go under the radar.

But the rules are clear. If you sell to anyone anywhere in Europe, you owe some EU government money – and you can be pretty sure they'll do their best to get it.

You might think that you’re only small fry... but let’s get real here.

All governments want your money – and right now, in case you hadn’t noticed, they’re all pretty strapped for cash. Are they going to take on the big boys like Amazon and Google, who already have them in their pockets and virtually dictate tax policy?

Or are they going to go after the easy target – you and me?

And the potential costs to us could be high – high enough to blow your smoke out.

In Denmark and Belgium the penalty is twice the amount of VAT unpaid without any upper capping limit. Other EU countries have upper limits on their fines of €125,000 (Slovenia), €66,000 (Croatia) or €50,000 (Germany). And remember, you have 28 different countries to worry about here.

Is it worth risking? I don’t think so.

Which leaves us

Option 3. Legally avoid EU VAT altogether

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could keep selling your digital goods in the EU, forget all about VAT, but still be totally compliant with the new EU rules?

Well the good news is there is a way to do this.

Some payment platforms legally act as wholesalers for digital products – so they are totally responsible for any VAT administration, not you. The best known one is Clickbank, but there are others. These are known as "reseller platforms".

So if you list your products with a reseller, you can keep selling in all EU countries to your heart’s content, but still sleep well at night knowing that no tax man can ever come knocking on your door.

But... and ain’t there always a but... this option creates its own problems.

  • Transaction fees are higher on these platforms, and so if all your sales go through a reseller you can lose a big chunk of your profits
  • You don’t get instant payments through your Paypal account – and can sometimes have to wait up to 6 weeks for a bulk payment when selling through these platforms
  • Platforms like JVZoo & Zaxxa are streets ahead, with so many awesome features that most reseller platforms just do not have – if you move all your products away from the modern, functional platforms you lose ALL of these
  • And probably the biggest drawback of all - by not listing on the instant payment platforms like JVZoo or WarriorPlus you’ll lose out on a shed load of big name affiliates - and leave a lot of money on the table. 

Which is why we created the ultimate solution


Like a lot of other marketers out there, we were worried about the VAT changes and the threat this caused to our livelihood.

And being hung up about VAT began to get in the way of business – too much time was being spent worrying about this. We even held back a product launch because of this!

It was time to get rid of this VAT hangup once and for all.

As internet marketers, we could see that the best existing solution to this problem was to use a reseller platform. That way, we could forget about VAT and concentrate on running our business.

But that meant we would lose out on all the advantages of using a network like JVZoo, Zaxaa or Warrior Plus, with all the added features that reseller platforms simply did not have, and where there was an already established bunch of active affiliates who generate a shedload of sales.

We wanted the best of both worlds.

Keep selling through instant payment platforms for the bulk of sales... but make sure that any EU sales automatically go through a reseller pltaform - removing the VAT headache from sales in the EU.

But it had to do more than that.

It had to somehow make sure that affiliates got credited for ALL their sales in ALL countries (including in the EU).

You see, with a standard redirection, any EU sales made through a normal affiliate link would redirect to the reseller sales page - meaning the affiliate would lose out on commission.

And to be a successful product vendor, you know there's only two groups of people you need to keep happy, right?

Your customers, and your affiliates!

A good product and good service will keep your customer happy.

But if your affiliates only get paid for half the sales they generate, do you think they’ll be happy? Do you think they’ll promote for you again?

They'll not. They'll promote your competitor's product instead.

So we set about creating our own solution... 


  • EU VAT? What EU VAT?! - with WP VAT Buster, as a product vendor you do not have to worry about the new EU VAT rules AT ALL - everything is taken care of for you! 
  • Turn a threat into an opportunity -  don't restrict yourself to just one platform, harness the power of two affiliate networks and REALLY ramp up your sales
  • Happy Affiliates = More Sales - guaranteed commissions means affiliates never have to worry either about losing sales to EU customers - giving you a REAL advantage over other product vendors
  • Safeguard Your Future - By using WP VAT Buster, you will make more money now - AND know it's safe from the clawing hands of the tax man

WP VAT Buster is a very clever plugin that automatically redirects EU traffic to a sales page with a reseller buy button (so avoiding the VAT headache), but allows all non EU traffic to go to a sales page with an non-reseller buy button (so keeping all its advantages).

But that’s not all it does.

WP VAT Buster also allows your affiliates to create their own unique affiliate link (with the click of a button) which automatically cookies them for BOTH platforms!

So let’s say your affiliate mails out his list about your product, and a US subscriber buys. That customer will automatically be sent through the normal link, your affiliate earns commission.

Happy days!

But what if a subscriber in, say, Ireland buys? With WP VAT Buster, he’ll be sent to the reseller sales page – so VAT is no longer your concern.

But what about your affiliate?

With WP VAT Buster, he will automatically be cookied for both the instant commission page AND the reseller page, so he’ll STILL earn commission!

Uber happy days!

Take a look at how easy it is to use

This REALLY is the best of both worlds


We had this plugin created for our own use, and are already using this for our digital products to make sure we are covered for VAT issues. It cost us a lot of money to have it developed – but taking risks with our business was NOT an option.

But because it works so well, and because of the feedback from other marketers, we decided to make this available for other marketers at a fraction of our development costs.

We want to reward action takers, but we simply cannot keep this special launch price open for long.

So if you take action right now, you can get WP VAT Buster for

Single Site License

Only $37  $27

Install On One Site

Multi Site License 

Only $47  $37 

Install On Up To 10 Personal Sites

This is special launch pricing and will increase when the timer hits zero

Remember, with WP Vatbuster, you get...

  • Universal Cookies - Your affiliate will get credited for EVERY sale made – no matter who it's through!
  • Use on ANY Platform - Not limited to JVZoo and Clickbank – it can be through ANY other platforms you choose to use

  • No Tech Skills Required - Incredibly easy to use - copy 'n' paste simple!

  • Full Training - Full video training in your member's area, including advanced tips and tricks
  • Unrivalled Customer Support - just ask any of our previous customers!
  • And Much More ...

This is incredible value, and a tiny price to pay for the peace of mind this will bring you – and the bureaucratic nightmare it totally sidesteps.

As a digital product vendor, you can shut up shop altogether, block out the EU and lose out on a lot of sales, or keep building your business and stay on the right side of the tax man. That's what all smart marketers are doing, and you can do it too by using WP VAT Buster.

It is the perfect solution for product vendors.

It is the perfect solution for affiliates.

The EU VAT changes are real - don't risk everything by ignoring it. Get your copy of WP VAT Buster now at this crazy low introductory price. 

And just to put your mind totally at ease....

You are covered by our guarantee

Download your own copy of WP VAT Buster, and test drive it yourself for 60 days with NO RISK!

If WP VAT Buster does not do everything promised - and more! - simply contact our support, and we will return 100% of your money. No Question Asked!

NOTE: Your campaigns will cease to work in the event of a refund

BUT WAIT! - That's not all you are getting!

Fast action bonus #1

  • Guide To VAT MOSS For Digital Goods Suppliers

An in-depth guide - in easy to understand language - with ALL you need to know about the new EU VAT regulations, and how they affect YOU.

This is information you cannot afford to be without - but you get it FREE with WP VAT Buster!

Fast action bonus #2

  • Full Directory of Payment Platforms Who Take Care of VAT

      Clickbank is our preferred option - but with WP VAT Buster, you can use the platform of your choice!

      With this resource, we've compiled a full list of Clickbank alternatives, with the pros and cons of each - all the legwork is done for you!

    Fast action bonus #3

    • Digital Product Creation 101

      Awesome Product Creation Video Course with 17 step by step videos.

      Discover how to create audios, interviews, video courses, reports, and ebooks in a single afternoon - even if you've never created anything before!

    These bonuses alone are EASILY worth 10 times what we are charging for this plugin - secure your copy NOW before we come to our senses!

    Act now - the price will rise!

    Single Site License

    Only $37  $27

    Install On One Site

    Multi Site License 

    Only $47  $37 

    Install On Up To 10 Personal Sites

    To your success,

    PS You wouldn’t even think of putting up a site without all the correct legal pages, would you?

    Privacy policy, disclaimer, terms of service, DMCA and all the rest – you know you need them to stay on the right side of the law, so you make sure they are there. Period.

    Don't take chances with the tax authorities either - get your own copy of WP VAT Buster Now at this VASTLY reduced price.

    Single Site License

    Only $37  $27

    Install On One Site

    Multi Site License 

    Only $47  $37 

    Install On Up To 10 Personal Sites

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is WP VAT Buster restricted to JVZoo and Clickbank?

    Absolutely not! WP VAT Buster has been designed so that you can use ANY payment processor you choose.

    As long as you a reseller platform for EU sales (and we include a list of alternatives), you will be totally covered, and your affiliates will still get paid.

    It offers total flexibility.

    Will WP VAT Buster work with HTML pages?

    Yes! Even if your sales pages are NOT on a Wordpress site, you can still use WP VAT Buster to make sure the right buyers go to the correct sales page.

    Full training videos to show you exactly how to do this and other cool things are included in your Members Area, which you'll have access to immediately after purchase.

    Are future updates included?      

    Yes! All future updates to WP VAT Buster will be included TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE. We are here for the long term, and totally stand over our products.

    If there are any conflicts  caused by new releases of Wordpress, we will update WP VAT Buster. And as extra features are added, existing customers will get the upgrades for free.

    This site and the products and services offered on this site are not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Clickbank , JVZoo, WarriorPlus or any other sales platform, nor have they been reviewed, tested, or certified by any of these.

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    You use this software at your own risk.  In no event shall we or our suppliers or  be liable for any damages whatsoever (including, without limitation, incidental, direct, indirect special and consequential damages, damages for loss of business profits, business interruption, loss of business information, or other pecuniary loss) arising out of the use or inability to use this  product.  By purchasing this software you agree to this

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